You Need To Know These about Your Smartphone Battery

Your smartphone battery is as important as every other components of your smartphone. Read on.

by Atinuke Naomi
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A smartphone battery size is oftentimes considered as important as every other feature of a smartphone. Before buying one, whatever you need the phone should make your list of priorities in a smartphone.

A person whose phone needs are to make calls, listen to music, and watch movies does not need to prioritize the camera feature, their current need is a good speaker and a good battery. Someone that travels very often needs a phone that falls in between a good camera, a strong battery, speedy internet, and fast-charging technology. Different people and their different needs. You do not need all the technical knowledge in the world to know about your smartphone battery.

3000mAh, 4000mAh, 5000mAh, what exactly do these mean?
mAh is the short form of milliampere per hour. This is the amount of current it consumes in one hour. We tend to assume that the higher the number before mAh, the longer the consumption time. This is not entirely true as it also depends on what your smartphone is powering.

Factors that deplete your battery’s health over time

Smartphone Battery

Display size

Smartphones with larger displays tend to draw more power. This is because a larger display equals more pixels which require more processing power to render the extra pixels (transform the pixels into any form of display).

Display’s refresh rate

When a phone is being advertised, there are times emphasis would be laid on the refresh rate. You see 120Hz, 90Hz, etc. What does this mean?
Refresh rate is the number of times a screen refreshes itself per second. It is measured in Hertz(Hz). It simply means the interval at which pixels update themselves in the display.
The refresh rate of a smartphone is noticeable when scrolling through your social media pages, navigating from app to app, or doing anything that is not static (that is, that involves transition) on the smartphone. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the experience but the faster the battery drains.


The brighter the screen, the more battery power the smartphone consumes. It is advisable to keep the brightness low to save more power.


The battery is affected whenever your smartphone connects to something. The affected rate at depends on the strength of the reception or for how long it stays connected. The battery drains faster when the reception is weak. This is because the more your device actively searches for a stable connection, the more it requires power to function.


Smartphones on prolonged usage tend to heat up and on heating up, the battery drains faster. Battery health is preserved when a smartphone is used at room temperature or just warm temperature.

Applications (Apps)

Under this category, we have active and passive apps.

Active apps

Active apps are the apps in use when the screen is on, basically, they consume screen time. The longer the screen time, the more it drains the smartphone battery, especially those that require different parts of the smartphone’s hardware to function. Such apps include Google Maps, Snapchat, etc.

Passive apps

They are the apps that function even when the display is off. These apps are mostly used for a long time while doing other things. Examples include Music Players, Podcast players, etc.

What you can do to prolong your smartphone’s battery life

The more you use your smartphone, the weaker the battery. The rate at which the battery depletes depends on the usage. Two users can buy the same phone model and have different experiences when it comes to usage.

It is advisable to not use your phone while charging, this is to prevent excess degradation.
Avoid using heavy applications for a long time to prevent the phone from overheating.
To prevent overcharging, incessantly charging your phone is not advisable.
If you are the type to use really heavy apps, limiting the long hours of usage helps your battery life. This might seems impossible though as that is probably why you bought the phone, know that you can monitor the usage though.
Do not cover your phone while charging, this is to prevent overheating.

In conclusion, as your smartphone ages, the battery capacity declines but the tips above can help prolong it a tiny bit. Again, heat reduces the battery performance, try to keep your smartphone in a warm condition.

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