What is Apache Maven ?

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Literally, Apache Maven or Maven means accumulation of knowledge. It is a build tool that helps in project management. The tool helps in building and documenting the project. A build tool is essential for building.

It is important for these processes:

  1. Source code generation.
  2. Generation of the document from the source code.
  3. Source code Compilation
  4. The packaging of the compiled code into JAR files.
  5. The installation of the packaged code in the local repository, server or central repository.

Maven is written in Java and C# and is based on the Project Object Model (POM). A Project Object Model (POM) is an XML file that has all the information regarding project and configuration details. When a task is been executed, Maven searches for the POM in the current directory.

We use Maven in building and managing any Java-based project. It simplifies the day-to-day work of Java Developers and helps them in their projects.

Needs For Maven

It helps in downloading dependencies, which refer to the libraries or JAR files. Downloading dependencies is now easier with the help of Maven, instead of visiting the website for each software, we can just visit mvnrepositiry.com.

Categorization and arrangement of the JAR files for each project. Maven helps to get the right JAR files for each project because there may be different versions of separate and unrelated packages.

It aids the creation of the right project structure on servlets and so on, which is essential for execution and Deployment.

It also helps to build and deploy the project to make it work.

What does Maven Do?

It simplifies the process of building a project.

The task of downloading JAR files and other dependencies does not need to be done manually.

It provides easy access to all the required information.

Apache Maven helps to manage all the processes, such as building, documentation, releasing, and distribution in project management.

Companies that Use Maven

  1. Red Hat
  2. Craft Base
  3. Accenture
  4. Viavarejo
  5. JPMorgan Chase.

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