What is Marketing Automation?

by Joy Festus
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Marketing Automation

Do you know the current available platforms for marketing automation and lead generation? Find out how you can generate sales and leads now!

This article focuses on what automated marketing is, the way it works, its relation to customer relationship management and frequently asked questions about it.

Definition of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a software technology required to make marketing organizations more effective in their functioning, through various platforms. This software enables many marketing organizations to streamline and also measure the flow of old and new leads. A marketing automation medium permits the scale of leads either offline or online.

Customer experience management, also known as customer relationship management, is the mother of marketing automation. However, marketing automation uses technology in areas involving repetition of activities or tasks that are required for the day-to-day activities of a company or business. It assists in lead nurturing, relationship marketing, retention and lots more. The software used has web analysis, email marketing, social and media marketing, SEO etc.

Features of Marketing Automation

Some properties of marketing automation include:

a. Artificial intelligence as used in chatbots for helping customers navigate websites, web pages and online forms.

b. Social marketing: for proper follow up, new social contacts can be engaged and directly contacted through social interactions.

c. Marketing ROI measurement: The measurements of conversion is a great metric available for marketers to track the attributed revenue.

d. Inbound Marketing and retention: this strategy is sourcing for prospective customers with different approaches and arranging them into different categories. With the help of advertising , this is achieved.

e. Lead generation: this requires the aid of a database for lead nurturing and lead scoring.

f. Call to action responsive emails.

g. Mobile optimization.

h. Task and alert automation.

I.  Posting and schedule features.

K. Data visualization.

Top Marketing Automation Platforms

1. Hubspot : offers CRM , blogging , landing pages , ads and SEO to its users.

2. Oracle

3. Adobe

4. Salesforce

5. Creation

6. Delivra

7. Active Campaign

8. Autopilot

9. Marketo : it contains account-based marketing like email, digital ads. It is aimed at building long-lasting relationships with customers for small businesses.

10. Infusionsoft : it is aimed at growing small businesses.

11. Ontraport  etc


Importance of Marketing Automation.

1. A great marketing automation strategy increases the chances of customers purchasing a product or service.

2.  It is an essential tool for small and medium scale enterprises(SMEs).

3. It solves the problem of overworking and fatigue for workers of an organization.

4. Tracking user’s engagements has become a reality.

5. It encourages the delivery of personalized marketing.

6. Staff of the organization will energy more energy on other strategic work.

7. It is essential for business-to-customer(B2B) and business-to- business (B2B) marketing.

8. Automation is the perfect path to maintaining brand image and reaching out to leads within and beyond reach.

Merits of Marketing Automation

1. It allows the work of a centralized marketing tool.

2. Big data is made available

3. It yields a better return on investment for the organization.

4. It saves time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What those leads mean in marketing?  it is the creation of potential opportunities for a scale transaction or a potential customer.

2. What does website analytics do? It shows all the website traffic information and I’ll the campaign affects the lead conversion.

3. What is the major difference between Customer relationship management (CRM) and Marketing Automation?  CRM focuses on sales, it is about how the interaction with customers are managed especially, old customers retention while marketing automation focuses on targeting people early in the sale.

4. Is email marketing another name for marketing automation ( MA)?  MA goes beyond email marketing with addition of ROI management, lead scoring, lead nurturing etc.

5. What should I do if my install program doesn’t bring the desired results? Everything takes time, success is not achiever overnight but be at ease as sales will begin to increase before you know it.


The key to having success in marketing automation is understanding the preference, communication triggers and converting them all into timely messages/ contents that have positive influence on customers.

Do hope that this article has enlightened you on marketing automation. If you have got any questions or contributions, feel free to drop them, we will do our best to attend to them.

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