What Do You Know About This Blue-Coloured App named Twitter?

by Atinuke Naomi
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This Blue-coloured app named Twitter seems to be one of the best networking apps in the world. Apart from the ease of connecting with the people you look up to (That is if they use the app), it has brought so many hidden talents to the limelight.

Evan Williams together with Jack Dorsey, who came up with the idea of creating an SMS-based communications platform. This was in the year 2006. The main aim was to create a networking app where people can keep tabs on one another.

The idea Jack Dorsey conceived went from that to an online news and microblogging platform. In earlier years, the status update feature allows for a 140-character update. Eventually, it was increased to a 280-character update.

“Just setting up my twittr” was the first tweet Jack Dorsey sent on the 21st of March, 2006 and it has been history after that.

In 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter and took over from Parag Agrawal who was the then CEO after Jack Dorsey stepped down as the CEO.

This takeover was one of the most trending news of that time. Most people who were not exactly interested in the news like that became interested. The richest man in the world at that time showing interest and wanting to buy a social media app? Definitely interested, especially for $44 billion. No one could think of more intriguing news.

Twitter Features


It is also referred to as “handle”. It starts with an “@” symbol. It is a name peculiar to only your account. No two Twitter accounts can have the same username. The handles can only look alike, they are never the same. The difference can be in the cases (Upper or lower) or different symbols.


By default, tweets are made visible to the public. Although, it is customizable whereby users can restrict who can see their updates.



This is also known as Home. This page is where you see tweets.

Photo sharing service

You can share pictures of you, your favourite memes, and pictures you took in the course of your day on this platform.


When you follow people you know or your favourite celebrities, you get to see their content. When people follow you, they get to see your content.

Owners of accounts on this platform with high follower count are mostly tagged influencers or celebrities.


This feature is activated when you start a topic with “#” and continue it with no space whatsoever in between. (E.g #MerryChristmasInAdvance.) It is also effective in bringing a particular topic to the limelight. It is an organized way of bringing tweets together.

To know more about a trending hashtag, all you have to do is type out the hashtag topic in the search bar. This action searches for all the tweets made with the hashtag attached to them.


This feature allows you to repost tweets that catch your fancy. Some people argue that retweeting a tweet to your timeline means you support such a tweet. Others argue that it is simply doing so to give the said tweet more publicity.


This is just you responding to tweets.

Comment section

This is where the comments are. By default, anyone can reply but users can customize the settings.


This feature is more useful when the author of a tweet locks their comment section.


By default, liking a tweet means approval of such a tweet

Content following

This is simply following accounts on Twitter based on their content. In some cases, they are in sects. (e.g med Twitter where most people there are in the medical field, academic Twitter where most people there are into education, etc.)

Messaging platform

It has a messaging feature that includes texts and voice messages.

Tweet promotion

This works by paying a certain amount to Twitter to promote your tweet. This promotion leads to more visibility. This is specially used by people who need visibility for their business, products, or news.


There are several other terms relating to Twitter that would be discussed in the other part of this article. The link to the next article will be uploaded here after it has been published.

See you in the next article.


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