What Do You Know About This Blue-Coloured App Named Twitter?

Part II

by Atinuke Naomi

Here we are talking about this blue-coloured app. It is a new year and almost everyone’s resolution for the new year is to “gain more knowledge.” Even though for some, it was not written out. While it was written out, the thought lurks somewhere in their heart. Whether or not it was written out, growth is imperative and as we grow, we learn every day.

To learn though, we need resources (which could be articles, like the one you are reading now, podcasts, books, videos, etc). Out of the resources, we then sort out the topics we need to learn more about. This exact reason is why you are here after searching for the features of Twitter on the Browser’s search bar.

There is a leading article that introduced some of the features of this Blue-coloured app. Of course, that wasn’t the end. In fact, with the takeover by Elon Musk, they have been rolling out new features.


Twitter Blue

This is a Twitter service that requires a paid subscription. The additional features this service offers include the option to customize themes and colours, scheduling of tweets, and undo sent tweets.


Bookmarking is the fastest way to refer back to tweets without searching for them. Some people use this feature to save a particular tweet. It only becomes invalid when the author of the tweet you saved deletes it, or is suspended or deactivates the account.

Twitter analytics

This is the range of analytics tools provided by Twitter that allow you to monitor how your tweets and profile are performing.

Twitter views

The views used to be found in your account’s Twitter Analytics. Now, the views are on the left-hand side of the “comment, like, and share” icons. This feature has made it easier to monitor the reach of one’s tweets.


Twitter’s search allows you to search for tweets using a variety of filters, such as keywords, hashtags, location, dates, and language. This is also important for following a trending topic or a certain conversation.

Twitter Space

This a feature that allows Twitter users to host and engage in live audio conversations.

Twitter Communities

This feature is one important feature that aids bonding among users. You get to share thoughts, and opinions, ask questions about it and be sure that people in the community will engage.

Twitter Lists

This is a way for users to organize and categorize other users on Twitter according to what they like about their accounts. One can create lists of accounts they follow, and then view only the tweets from such accounts. It helps in timeline curation.

Twitter Circle

This is almost like a private chat but this time you are tweeting normally. The only difference is the green indication to identify Twitter Circle as opposed to the blue indication.


Twitter polls are used to gather responses on a particular topic. It can be created by clicking on the “Poll” icon on the page for creating a new tweet.

Verified Accounts

This type of Twitter account comes with a check mark. Previously, it is gotten by application, and accounts with this mark are seen as influential. Upon the introduction of Twitter Blue, anyone can get it as long as they can pay $8/ month. The only difference now is the colour of the check marks. Gold colour to depict the official account and the blue colour( which was the colour of the previous checkmark.) was reserved.


Fleets used to be a thing on Twitter. It is in the same category as Instagram stories. You can share updates on it but it disappears after 24 hours. Fleets is a feature used to share thoughts, pictures, etc without leaving footprints on your Twitter usage history.

Others include Notification, Tip jar, Trending topics, viral videos section,
Moments, URL shortener, Twitter Groups, Account Deactivation, etc.

Just like every other social media platform, Twitter has its pros and cons. Some of the social advantages of Twitter is that

  • You get to meet new people.
  • It is a fast way of disseminating information to people around you.
  • You can interact with your favourite personality on Twitter and you might get noticed.
  • It is easier to reach anyone, especially people who matter. All you have to do is to tag and ask other people to tag them.

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