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UiPath - robotic process automation

UiPath is a software company that designs and develops robotic process automation software for businesses to help scale their digital operations at a remarkable speed. UiPath was founded in 2005 by Daniel Dines and Marius Tîrca, with its headquarters in New York City, United States.  

UiPath develops Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for monitoring user activity to automate redundant front and back office functions. It also provides an end-to-end automation platform for operations carried out using other business software such as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software.  

UiPath’s software platform has automated millions of repetitive tasks for various businesses and organizations, promoting employee productivity and enhancing customer experience. Automation generally makes processes done faster and more efficiently. Its technology and tools combine AI computer visions with APIs to provide users access to pre-built automation components that can be combined to automate repetitive processes.  

UiPath vision: To enable automation across all knowledge work to accelerate human achievement.  

UiPath mission: To build an AI-powered automation platform that understands, automates, and operates end-to-end processes. 


UiPath released its first desktop automation product in 2013 which enabled their customers to automate manual and repetitive tasks themselves. Then in 2015, they expanded with several offices opened in different cities such as Washington DC, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Paris and Bangalore.  

UiPath’s front and back office server suites were released along with its studio community edition in 2016. It moved from #5 to #1 on the robotic process automation (RPA) share from 2017 to 2018. Then in September 2019, UiPath moved to #3 on the Forbes Cloud 100.  

In October 2019, UiPath announced some of its new products such as  

  • UiPath Connect – a tool that enabled employees to find new processes to automate. 
  • UiPath Explorer – a product that uses technology acquired from companies. It is an advanced tool that allows you to design a custom selector for a particular UI element. 
  • UiPath Apps – an application development tool that allows the building and sharing of enterprise-grade custom applications that offers better customer experiences 
  • UiPath StudioX – a low-code robot programming tool that works as an advanced automation software that offers all individuals the right automation canvas to design software robots themselves. It also offers organizations the right tools to manage them. 
  • UiPath Insights – an embedded analytics tool which allows you to track, manage and measure your entire UiPath RPA program. 

Other UiPath products include; 

  • UiPath Studio– It enables the visual planning of any automated process with the aid of various diagrams, where each diagram represents a specific type of work to perform.  
  • UiPath Test Suite – This automates the testing of every application and automation to ensure their quality before they are released for use.  
  • UiPath Process Mining – A tool that analyses application logs to detect new automation opportunities. 
  • UiPath Automation Hub – This was previously known as UiPath Connect, which enables employees to track and find new processes to automate.  
  • UiPath Orchestrator – This is a web-based application tool that helps to schedule, manage and monitor processes. It is a platform for all the processes and robots to be managed. 
  • UiPath Robot – This tool helps to execute the processes built in the UiPath Studio with or without human direction.  
  • UiPath Assistant – A Launchpad for automation provided for employees by their company on the computer desktop which gives them easy access to certain automation to assist them with their tasks  
  • UiPath Action Center – This communication tool where robots interact with humans for direction. 
  • UiPath AI Center – This introduces AI Into business processes.  
  • UiPath Document Understanding – With this software, data from images, handwritten notes, PDFs and other communication media are extracted, interpreted and processed. 

UiPath Academy is also hosted to give training and certification in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

Features of UiPath  

  1. Reliable tool for modelling business processes: Model business processes ensure automation excellence.  
  2. Security: Auto login features are offered to run the bots. 
  3. Large application compatibility: It renders a broad set of applications to work with, including desktop and web applications. 
  4. Hosting options: Its hosting options include virtual terminals or cloud environments. 
  5. Centralized archive: This enables users to handle all the robots simultaneously. 
  6. High level of scalability and robustness: Day-to-day applications like Excel and PDF, are handled by Artificial Intelligence.

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