Top 5 Tech trends for 2022

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Top Tech Trends

Technology is fast developing, progressing at a rapid pace. However, each year there seem to be outstanding tech trends and we have compiled our predictions for the year 2022  top tech trends. We hope to help you decide what to pursue.

1. Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, Artificial intelligence, or AI as we know it has received a lot of speculation and so they have created many things. The world now growing into creating human-like technological species that mimic humans and can think on their own. This is a field that you may want to consider if it dazzles you about the possibilities in this area of tech. 

Under AI, we have some branches like Machine learning or ML, Deep learning and so many other aspects. AI has been used for so many purposes part of which to create assistants for humans like Replika an online friend, Google assistant, detecting spam emails, self-driving cars, and others. These use different algorithms like Decision trees, Minimax algorithms, support vector machines, Naive Bayes, Logistic regression, and so on.

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The AI industry is said to grow to about $190 billion dollars by the year 2025 and by 2022, $57 billion. With the growth of AI across different realms of technology, job opportunities will fly around, it will be created for programming, testing, support, and system maintenance and development. Moreso, AI offers huge salary payments with it ranging from $120, 000 to $150, 000. This makes it a top-notch you should observe closely and grab.

2. AR and VR

AR is 0also called Augmented reality VR – Virtual reality and also Extender Reality – XR. Basically, VR takes a person into a different environment, AR enhances the environment and ER is the combination of both VR and AR. This technology has been used for gaming, real estate, and so many other purposes. 

We should expect by 2022 that these techs will be imputed in our daily activities. The demand for this tech is increasing rapidly. Companies like VR vision, Niantic, Science soft, etc are all into this and making better use of it. AR for example has been used in hospitals for surgery to identify instruments and tools that are to be used for an operation. Also, in real estate AR has been used to describe to a client how his dream house will look like. Moreso, VR has been used for gaming and fun. 

AR and VR are expected to hit about $209 billion by 2022. Yea, that’s right. So you should put your eyes on this one if you are interested in it. The fun fact about this technology is that going into it doesn’t require a lot of skill sets. It requires basic programming, and that’s all.

3. Blockchain

The thing is, I really love this area of tech because it’s beautiful and vast. In spite of the fact that most ‘Earthers’ think blockchain is about just cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Dogecoin, ethereum, and the likes, blockchain offers so many things that we just ay not be aware of. It provides things like improved security and privacy. So, we can define blockchain as a form of data you can only add to, you cannot edit or change it once you set it. It is an add-to-only form of data.

So many companies now venture into this and as such, there will be job opportunities for blockchain developers. And according to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a blockchain developer is about $154, 000 annually.

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4. Cyber Security

Cyber Security has been around for a while so you might be compelled to question why we added it as an emerging technology. The fact is, there are some fields in this form of life (Technology) that don’t just die, they grow to become stronger. Take this cyber security, for example, it evolves and it will keep on evolving forever because we will also have new emerging threats. The persistent hackers are not thinking of stopping soon and will keep on accessing the data of the world’s system illegally. And every day, a new threat is born. So, as long as we have hackers cyber security will continue to evolve. It is going to be a constant process. 

Lastly, the average salary of a cyber security engineer is $101, 000.

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5. Fullstack Development

As long as the world lives, websites are still going to be built. Let’s just get it right, so many websites are built every day. And developers will be needed. The need for them will not end anytime soon. In development, we have front-end development, back-end development. The combination of both of them is full-stack development. Front-end development entails the area of the website we see. That’s the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript effects we see. Moreover, the backend part is the backbone, we don’t see them but they strongly affect our websites. Now as an instance, I want you to imagine building a bridge without laying down the large iron rods on the bed. It will affect it strongly, and hereby make the bridge weak. This is the same in web development. The backbone and heart that carry the website and everything, while the front-end just gives us that look and feel.

The average salary of a Fullstack developer is $105, 000 per year.

All these trends listed above are good in their ways. We don’t want you to set one over the other. Just take what interests you and pursue it diligently.

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