Top 10 tech jobs to seek to get rich faster

by Precious Cyprain
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Tech Jobs

Are you looking for tech jobs that pay well in 2022? Right here you’ll learn about the top ten tech jobs that you ought to invest yourself in to get rich faster.

Take a look at most of the world’s richest billionaires, they achieved their fame through opportunities in tech. It’s no news that technology continues to slowly take over the business world thereby, making the demand for tech skills get higher every day. It has even become easy to get high-paying tech jobs from all over the world right in your room, due to the remote work potential of some of these jobs.

Another alluring part about tech jobs is that some of them don’t require you to have a bachelor’s degree before you venture into the field. Although some corporations might nevertheless choose to have employees with a degree, having an excellent portfolio and other forms of certifications typically help attain the job.

There are lots of platforms rendering online courses that you can register and learn from without difficulty to be a professional in your field like Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, etc, all that is left is dedication and getting a very good tech company to intern with.

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Below is the list of the Top 10 tech jobs and descriptions.

1. Software Developer: They are the masterminds behind your smartphone apps, computer games, operating systems, and so on. Software development is split into two classifications of developers: Applications software developers who focus on designing computer or mobile applications and System software developers who focus on operating systems-level software, compilers and network distribution software.

Average Income per month: NGN 370,000.

2. Data scientist: This is one of the tech jobs in high demand by organizations. Data scientists are responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting large sets of data into meaningful information for businesses to make it easier for them to make better decisions in their strategies.

Average Income per month: NGN 223,000.

3. Information Systems Security Engineer: A security engineer plans and implement safety measures for an organization’s computer networks like installing security software, maintaining antivirus presence, regular security tests, etc. Every organization needs skilled security engineers to keep their sensitive data safe due to the constant infiltrating of protected databases by cybercriminals and hackers.

Average Income per month: NGN 324,000.

4. Digital Marketing Manager: A digital marketer Is someone responsible for the promotion of products, brands or services. Their goals can be to generate leads, increase sales, website traffic, social media engagements, brand awareness, etc. The duties of a digital marketer can include; social media management, search engine optimization, content creation, ad campaigns, analyzing insights, email campaigns, developing marketing strategies, and so on.

Average Income per month: NGN 435,000.

5. Full-Stack Web Developer: Full-stack web developers are professionals who are well-versed in both front-end and back-end development of a website. Front-end development involves the actual presentation of the website, that is how information is displayed in browsers and on mobile devices while Back-end development involves building and maintaining the mechanisms that perform actions on websites and also the collection of data from users at the front-end.

Some prefer to specialize in just one field instead of both.

Average Income per month: NGN 339,000.

6. Graphics designer: This is a professional who creates visual content with typography, imagery, colour, or motion design to captivate the attention of the audience and communicate the intended message in order to achieve the desired goal.

This is one of the most sought-after tech jobs because every brand with an online presence requires a graphics designer for its content.

Average Income per month: NGN 328,000.

7. UX/UI Designer: UX refers to the user experience which focuses on how a product works and how the user interacts with it while UI, User Interface, refers to the looks and design of the product. They make apps and websites useable, exciting and engaging for users by utilizing the right fonts, images, videos, animations, buttons, navigation, etc. They practically make users have a good time.

Average Income per month: NGN 230,000.

8. Artificial Intelligence Engineer: An AI engineer uses the skills of a Data scientist, Data engineer and software developer to build and deploy a complete AI application that can be used by an end-user. This role is relatively new in the tech industry as companies started realizing the worth of hiring one instead of hiring separate people from the three different fields.

Average Income per month: NGN 403,000.

9. Cloud Engineer: Cloud engineers build and preserve the network and cloud infrastructure of a company, including its apps and other products. For example, they make it easier for a corporation to back up and keep information, allow easy software program updates and make it possible for their clients to get entry to their information while using a different device. Possible

Average Income per month: NGN 340,000.

10. Sales Engineer: They are responsible for coming up with the sales technique for technologically and scientifically advanced products. They sell these products to other different businesses rather than clients i.e. a B2B setting.

Average Income per month: NGN 310,000.


Most businesses, if not all, now require an online presence to progress in this modern business society and this brings about the availability of extensive careers in tech

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