The death of Blackberry OS phones.

by The WebGate

Do you still have a blackberry phone under your pillow or in your cupboard? Sad news, the Blackberry OS is dead. Thus, that phone of yours has become useless. It can no longer place or receive calls. It cannot even dial the emergency number 911. It has now become junk.

On January 4th, 2021, the world bid adieu to the Blackberry smartphones. The company killed every smart phone running on the Blackberry OS. Smartphones running on Blackberry OS 7.1 or 10 have been killed. There is no reason to still keep that blackberry phone of yours. If your Blackberry smartphone runs on Android, lucky for you, you are safe and you can still keep it. 

In the past era, Blackberry was the centerpiece in the production of smartphones. Blackberry phones were all over the place and then evolution came in. As life grew, technology also grew and Blackberry could not compete with the likes of other smartphones (Apple and Samsung. Their OS became past tense. There was no special thing about their OS and some users did not like it. In all this, Android and IOS overtook and took control over the market from Blackberry. To date, Android and IOS are the two bosses of the OS market.

Is it finally over for the Blackberry company?

It is not 100% over for the company. Blackberry stopped producing smartphones in 2016, to focus on other software that they offer. They are now a cyber security company. They provide software enterprises and government agencies with securities. The Canadian company now secures the internet of things for companies. They are now a top security company and in 2020; they engaged in some AI security activities. 

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