Tech Issues 02: Five ways to view EPUB files on Android.

by Joy Festus
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As an ardent lover of e-books, have you found yourself unable to open some files on your Android because they are EPUB files? If yes, you are the right place and we will show you how!

With the help of this article, you will be guided on how to open EPUB files on Android devices, with  or without converting them to PDF.


PDF is short for portable document format while EPUB is short for electronic publication. It is an electronic publishing standard for optimisation of the screen sizes of various devices. This is why your Adobe reader will refuse to open any of your EPUB documents. However, you can use Adobe digital editions and a few others to be mentioned in the next section. The EPUB format permits the use of meta data, tables, fonts and images apart from content on its file. The major difference between them is the reading experience gotten by the users.


EPUB files are flexible because they come in smaller file size, it is reader-friendly but not suitable for printing, stored in a zip file which makes it lighter and more secured because it requires coding knowledge to edit.


Since the air has been cleared on the differences, let’s get to the icing on the cake.

Method 1:  Through Google Play Books.

This is one of the best ways to open EPUB documents. As long as you have a Google Play account, install this free e-book reader from your  Play Store then upload your EPUB files by dragging and dropping them into the designated box (for already downloaded files) after you have successfully enabled the PDF uploading option.

Method 2: Viewing it through the Aldiko App

To do this is very simple. Just like method 1, you also have to download and install it before importing all saved files to the app, then your EPUB file is good to go anytime you are ready to read.

Method 3: Through the Full Reader App

This may be new to you, but I assure you its offer is quite good. You also have to download and install it. By default, it will scan all document formats available. Nevertheless, they will be free for you to assess.

Method 4: Through the Universal Book Reader

Another option is the universal book reader app, all you have to do is to download and install the recent version of it , click on the select button and import all e-books you would like to read.

Method 5: Through Online EPUB Converters

Some websites offer to convert your EPUB files into PDFs for free, if you do not feel like going through the previously stated methods.  You can use this online converter: https://cloud or search out other EPUB to PDF converters on Google or anyone you see fit to do the job. To use the online converter, click the select button and drag the required file before clicking the convert button so that you can redownload.


For some of our readers using PC or Mac, we would like to recommend Calibre to you as a bonus. You can download and install it from :  Complete the setup thoroughly and then choose the preferred location for your ebook storage, language options and the rest.  Moreso, for Kindle Users, you may have to :

  • Convert the EPUB file to MOBI (which is short for mobile) format through the Cloud convert app. To use the app, select EPUB in the In section and select MOBI in the To section.
  • Click the select file option to pick out the needed file, click convert then download the file once it has been converted.
  • Finally, connect the kindle to the device before copying and pasting or dragging and dropping it in the kindle.


Not being able to read your favourite e-book as a result of some restrictions can be quite frustrating. Do not be cut off from this trend because most e-readers now use EPUB extension to enjoy reflowable reading on whatever device they like, Join the trend! kindly share your thoughts on viewing EPUB be on your Android.

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