Tech and Your Business: Effective Ways to Skyrocket Sales

by Atinuke Naomi
4 mins read

Attaching “Sold-out” to images of products is every product owner’s dream. More than anything, making a profit manages to stay at the top of all other dreams. The profit comes with sales. To achieve this, below are different methods that can help skyrocket sales.

1. Identify your target audience.

This is one of the mistakes business owners make. Not everyone will buy from you. Identifying those who need your product or service will help you focus on how to convert them. Take, for instance, you sell diapers. Your target audience cannot be students. Instead, focus on pregnant women and nursing mothers, and connect with maternity clinics.

2. Be sensitive to your customer’s needs.

This is important in sales because if at a point, you don’t know what your customers need, you might lose them. Ask them questions, and carry out research and surveys. it doesn’t matter if the survey is carried out monthly or quarterly, what is important is to get feedback from them. You are in the business because of them.

Acknowledge whatever reservations they have about your product and work on improving it. Improvement can be in terms of making adjustments or creating a new feature.

3. Know your competitors.

By paying attention to your competitors, you would be aware of their moves. Among different types of competitors, there are two major types; direct competitors and indirect competitors.

The direct competitors target the same audience as yours with the same product while the indirect competitors target the same audience but with a different product from yours.

4. Let your customer service be top-notch.

Of what advantage is a business without reliable customer service? Leaving a bad impression of your customer service with not only push away your buying customers but also push away intending ones. Social media has made it easy for news to spread. Imagine leaving a bad impression on a customer who goes on social media to talk about their experience doing business with you.

5. Make Social media your friend.

Social media is one of the technologies that are here to stay. Leveraging the capacity of social media will help your business. Although, it is not an easy feat to pull it is worth it in the end.

Posting different content every day isn’t mandatory but make sure you have a schedule for what to post. This in turn creates a sense of anticipation in the online community you have. Consistently talk about what you do. If you run a Fashion-related business, you can talk or show how to pair a particular combination. Actively engage with your audience, read and reply to comments, answer questions, and ensure to build a positive social media presence.

In summary, it is a great way to recognize trends and insights about your customers. Also, you can use the insights gained to run social ads. This helps gauge the interest of a new customer base, or even run a digital campaign.

Digital Tools to Skyrocket Sales for You

Email marketing 

Email marketing is a way for businesses or brands to send promotional messages or pass information to a group of people using email. Email marketing is a powerful tool for nurturing and converting leads.

Social Media platforms

As earlier mentioned, this is one of the greatest innovations to exist yet. Your ability to leverage any of these platforms will most likely influence sales in your business.


Although not common, blogging can help you attract your audience who are in search of knowledge. The most effective way to attract people using blogging is to fish out value. Post your articles on networks like Medium. Responding to questions you are knowledgeable about on Reddit and Quora can attract attention to your comment. Consequently, you can promote your blog under it. One way or the other, you are reaching a large audience

Videos and Podcast 

You can create videos showcasing your products or podcasts talking about experiences using your products. You can talk about how to start a business like yours. You can drop tips that can help people in using your products.


In conclusion, everything that has been listed above is to help you set a pace. Networking with people with a growth mindset keeps you on the path. Seeing them serves as a motivation to keep growing yourself and your business.

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