iPhone Jailbreaking: the good and bad.

by Joy Festus
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How do you feel when you hear your friends brag about the cool benefits after they have had their iPhones jailbroken? iOS users, unlike Android, don’t support using third-party apps and it can leave you stuck with what’s on the app store. Unless you wish to jailbreak your iPhone.

Jailbreaking is actually easy and can be DIY, but it is not for the faint of heart. Here in this article, you will be educated on the good and bad sides of minimizing the restrictions.


What exactly is meant by jailbreaking?

Kinds of jailbreaking 

Benefits of jailbreaking 

Methods of jailbreaking 

Is it Legal?



What is jailbreaking?

It means installing any application you want to modify the look of your device, especially the iPhone. It is an authorised change in a device’s setting without the permission of the producer’s consent. Any, tablet, smartWatch, Kindle, smart television, Android can be jailbroken.

iPhone Jailbreaking

Kinds of Jailbreaking

1. Untethered jailbreak: you will be able to restart your phone but it must stay connected. The jailbreak can be used even after restarting the device.

2. Semi-untethered jailbreak: in this jailbreak, rebooting your iPhone will affect the process.

3. Semi-tethered jailbreak: it makes use of jailbreak software with little effects from rebooting.

4. Tethered jailbreak: rebooting affects the jailbreak making it temporary and can lead to being stuck on recovery mode.


Benefits of Jailbreak?

1. Customizing your iPhone settings, you get to use any ringtone other than the regular on Apple’s sound store.

2. Facilitate software privacy.

3. To install an unauthorised apps.

4. To facilitate most tethering.


Methods of Jailbreaking

A. Using Uncover on a Mac: ensure your iPhone is using a supported version. The uncover is semi- untethered, which means that it works until the iPhone is rebooted. If your iPhone reboots, you will have to activate the jailbreak on a Mac.

Take the following steps:

1. Download the Altstore o your Mac and launch it.

2. Install Mail Plugin and activate Altplugin for Mailapp.

3. Connect your IPhone to the Mac through a compatible USB.

4. Press the Altstore icon and choose your iPhone brand.

5. Log in with your Apple details then install.

6. Ensure you set up to your phone to trust Altstore.

7. Download and install uncover app.

8. Launch it and click the blue jailbreak button and wait till the process is completed.

9. Click on the confirmation message and wait for it to reboot.

10. Reopen uncover and press jailbreak again, once the process is done wait for a second rebooting and boom! Your iPhone is jailbroken.


The same process can be done on a PC but will need to install the iCloud. You can also visit the iOS jailbreaking article on wikiHow to know which tools are available for it.

B. Using Checkra1n:

This is a great way to jailbreak older iPhones. Checkra1n depends on a hardware exploit and works with most version-including versions of iOS 14 to IPhone 8.

To use it on a Mac:

1. Install Checkra1n app.

2. Click open, do not make the mistake of double clicking.

3. For iOS 14, iPhone X and 8, you will need to disable face and touch ID before proceeding.

4. Connect the phone to your Mac by a USB cable.

5. Tap the trust button and fill in your your passcode.

6. Thereafter, clock the start button to begin jailbreaking.

7. Put your iPhone on DFU mode while it is still connected.

8. Once the Jailbreak is done, a Checkra1n loader app will be displayed on your screen.

9. Tap it open.

10. Then tap Cydia to install package manager.


How Legal is it?

It is quite legal in the United States of America, you can change your software without you breaching the copyright but streaming movies illegally will lead to copyright issues.


It comes with a price and so can lead to the following:

a. To identity theft, financial fraud and ransomware attacks.

b. Lead to crash.

c. You might install malware.

d. It can freeze other apps, shorten that lifespan of the phone’s battery.


Is a new feature so necessary to compromise one’s  gadget’s security posture? When you weaken your security, hackers can easily access your data. Can you cope with data theft? Before jailbreaking ask yourself truthfully, is it really worth it? I hope this post has helped you in making right choices on matters such as this.

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