Importance of Technology

by Sunmisola Odusola
Importance of Technology

What is Technology?

Technology is a term we are familiar with and spend most of the time talking about. While Technology is a very popular term, it can be equally difficult to find a definition that sufficiently explains Technology. Technology in simple terms is the use of practical ideas to find solutions to human problems. It is a concrete solution to problems. Technology stems from the standpoint of making life easier and creating a higher standard of living.

 8 Reasons You Should Consider Moving Into The Tech Industry

  1. Job Security: not only can you easily get a tech job, but tech jobs are also secure as there is not going to be a time when Tech companies shut down or will not be relevant anymore. Tech companies are very much around and booming, and are not going anywhere soon. Tech jobs will always be available and will continue growing. The tech industry is predicted to grow by 11-12% come 2026.
  2. Tech jobs do not require a degree: Unlike some jobs that require a degree in a certain profession, Tech does not. You do not require a degree to work in a Tech company, you can learn tech courses that you are interested in, it is that easy, and you can start right away. Many people see Tech as very difficult because it is generally believed that tech is restricted to only coding which is not so. If you find coding difficult, there are other tech jobs you can try out like SEO Consultancy, Digital Marketing, and the likes.
  3. Tech jobs are flexible: most jobs are now remote, tech inclusive, which allows you to work from home, pick a work schedule and do the things you would do without going into the four walls of an office. Remote tech professionals are one of the heavily paid employees in the job industry.
  4. You can work in the top companies of the world; companies are fast recognizing the need for technology, which makes greater work opportunities for even the top companies of the world. Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon job opportunities once in a while.
  5. Even entry-level job seekers can earn a living. You have probably wanted to know if you can get a job as an entry-level tech job, not only can you get a job, but you can also get paid handsomely as well. Since most tech jobs do not require a degree, you have to be open to learning, and knowledgeable in the aspect you are going into.
  6. You have a range of work to pick from: another thing that is interesting about the tech industry is that, if you get employed in one sector, you can still be employed in another. Professionals can get jobs in any sector ranging from Health to the Entertainment industry.
  7. Tech professionals are in high demand. Technology is finding a solution, which means as long as there are problems to be solved, there will be tech jobs available. The importance of tech professionals is being recognized by companies all over the world, and they are few professionals and a lot of job opportunities.
  8. Tech professionals are well paid. Professionals in the tech industry are one of the highest paid in the work industry. Professionals earn around $50,000 and higher.

What You Need For a Tech Job

A lot of tech jobs are remote, so you just need your PC, Smart Phone, data connection, and education in the aspect of tech you are going into. There are websites you can learn courses from, like Coursera, Udemy and many more. 

Tech Jobs, You Should Consider

  1. IT Manager: They are one of the highest paid in the tech industry. It involves supervising the tech aspect of a company
  2. Social Media Manager: Companies all over the world are now recognizing the role of social media in their businesses. A Social Media Manager help manage a company’s social media.
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Web Design

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