How Familiar Are You With Some Of These Google Products?

by Atinuke Naomi

You might be wondering if there is a difference between Google products and it’s subsidiaries. In one of our previous articles where we talked about Google, it was mentioned that Alphabet Inc. was named as the parent company and some others as its subsidiaries. Read here.

Before Alphabet Inc., it was just Google. Even though some of the products were previously owned by Google, the birth of Alphabet Inc. split them. Let’s take a look at some of these Google products.

Some of Google Products

Google Products


The main aim of Google Adsense is to enable content creators to earn from their content. The content can be in the form of texts, images, videos, etc.



It allows users to promote and advertise their products and services. It is more focused on keywords, words that people are most likely to search for on the internet.



This is a virtual assistant software application that is available on mobile and home automation devices. It allows you to use voice commands to perform tasks or answer questions.


This is an operating system that is based on the modified version of Linux kernel and other open-source software. It is a mobile operating system and it is primarily designed for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. Read more about it here.


This is a blogging platform owned and hosted by Google to create and publish blogs. It is open to all types of content, from texts to images to videos.


This is an efficient time-management tool. It was created by Google for making appointments, organizing tasks, etc.


This is a free internet browser. Its features include private browsing mode, also known as incognito mode, synchronization with Google services and accounts, browser tabs, automatic translations of web pages, etc.


It works like an offline classroom. It is an interactive virtual classroom that helps to foster communication, boosts collaboration, and organises and manages assignments.


This is a site where technical resources, software development tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), etc


This is a word-processing application. It allows you to edit and create documents. The best part about Google Docs is the Collaboration part, it enables you to work with others on the same document.


This is a software application for storing files. It is free and it is cloud-based.


This is a video and audio-calling software application.


This is an important tool for surveys. It is used mostly for quantitative research.


This is a virtual keyboard app that is free to use. It has so many interesting features like synchronization to word-processing apps.


This is an email service provided by Google for free. It can be used to receive and send emails and perform tasks other nail tasks.


This is a virtual interactive whiteboard. It is efficient for brainstorming, collaboration, etc.


This is one app that can be referred to as people’s favourite. It enables you to apply the Google search engine in real-life. All you have to do is point your camera at whatever you want to search for and snap it. It makes use of Artificial intelligence to identify texts and objects.


Everything that has to do with finding locations or directions to a place is made easier with this product. The build-up of the application is completed with a voice-guided GPS navigation.


This is a virtual meeting application. This includes real-time meetings and presentations with teammates.


This is a news-sharing platform.


This is a subscription-based service provided by Google to expand cloud storage for users.


This is more likened to a wallet but this time, a digitalized one. It is also a payment platform.


This is a brand of Google where electronic devices are produced. The devices either run on Android or Chrome OS.

Play Store

This is like a marketplace for applications, movies, games, shows, books, etc.


This is an online spreadsheet software. It is used to organize and analyse data, create reports, etc.

Wear OS

This is a version of Android that is designed for wearables which include smartwatches, etc.


Although all of these products cannot be listed here, most of them are free and some are partially free while they have the premium version which is free of ads. With all of these products, one can easily tell why Google is one of the leading companies in the world.

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