Hack 101 – Tips to increase the lifespan of your smartphone

Various practices to make your smartphone last longer

by Precious Cyprain
4 mins read
Increase lifespan of smartphone

With the state of the world’s economy, it is only right to assume everyone is looking for ways to save money in this period. Keeping a good maintenance of your smartphone can increase its lifespan making it last longer thereby saving you that unnecessary expense of buying a new one.  

Also, due to the fewer striking new features in new phone models, most people have lost interest in constant smartphone upgrades unlike in the past few years. Therefore, these tips on how to make your smartphone last longer are most beneficial in order to properly hang on to your current phone. 

Here are ways to increase the lifespan of your smartphone to make them last longer; 

   1. Get your phone a tempered glass screen guard and a good protective case 

Getting an effective and compatible glass screen protector for your phone reduces the risks of having a scratch or crack on your phone screen. Tempered glass helps to protect your smartphone’s screen making it last longer. Purchasing a protective case that properly covers the sides, corners and back of your phone also helps prevent mishaps.  

   2. Delete unimportant media and apps 

Keeping so many unnecessary apps and media can lead to severe lagging of your cellphone making it frustrating to use. This is because the storage and RAM have reached their capacity. This can deceive smartphone users into getting a new phone when it isn’t required. Therefore, always remove apps, videos, pictures, messages and documents that you don’t need. 

   3. Taking proper care of your smartphone battery 

There are numerous ways to expand the lifespan of your smartphone battery to avoid getting a new phone due to battery depreciation. All battery health tends to decline with time due to different factors such as screen brightness, number of apps downloaded, and photos stored. The number of charges also contributes to smartphone battery decline therefore you can conserve battery by turning off location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection when not in use, decreasing screen brightness, etc. 

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   4. Repair damages as soon as possible 

Always repair damages done to your smartphone immediately to prevent ending up with worse conditions. Not fixing a cracked screen because you can still get enough display will only allow more dirt and debris to penetrate the crack and affect the internal components of the smartphone. 

   5. Power off smartphone occasionally 

Most people can go for a month of constant usage of their smartphone without giving it any time to rest. It is advisable to switch off your phone at least once a week and let it stay down for like a minute. This expands the lifespan of your smartphone by clearing the RAM, shutting down all opened apps and plugging memory leaks, thereby making your smartphone last longer. 

   6. Avoid exercising with your phone in your pocket 

Water damage can be done on smartphones due to sweating from workouts whenever the phone is attached to your arm or placed in your pocket. Even though most people depend on workout apps on their smartphones, it is still not worth the risk derived from harming it with sweat. 

   7. Avoid contacting viruses and malware 

Precautions should be taken to prevent infection of viruses or malware on your smartphone in order to make it last longer. Avoid downloading suspicious things from malicious apps and endeavour to check the data of downloaded apps to ensure it is not sending out information to a third party. You can reset your phone to get rid of a virus.  

   8. Keep smartphones away from extreme temperatures 

Most smartphones are built to operate optimally between 0 – 35°C. This is what prompts the notification that your smartphone is overheating whenever it is kept directly under the sun whether on the beach or in your car. Overheating can damage smartphone batteries, so it is advisable to remove your phone case in times of overheating to release trapped heat. 

    9. Utilize cloud storage 

Using cloud storage helps to increase the lifespan of your smartphone by ensuring your phone isn’t too full of data. Backups and cloud storage also help to minimize data loss and enable easy access to information.  


Practicing these tips judiciously will save you from wasting money on monthly or annual phone upgrades by increasing the lifespan of your smartphone.  

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