Generations and Technology: Here is All You Need to Know

by Atinuke Naomi
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Across all generations, Technology has been evolving. The impact might be minute for the older generations but it has been there.

What does Generation mean?

Generation is referred to as a category of people born during a given timeframe. How they have life situations, their views, and attitudes differentiate one generation from another.

Generational influences that are easy to identify include:

  • Technology
  • Economic times
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Bodily growth
  • Current events

The more a company knows how these influences interrelate with the generations currently in the workforce, the better company leaders can understand each one’s particular dynamics, likes, dislikes, and work ethic.

The Evolution of Technology and Generation

It can be classified into two, which are Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

Digital Immigrants

Digital immigrants were born or raised in an era before the world evolve into a society where technology is put first. The category of generations in this category are the Silent Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Gen X.

For this category, incorporating technology into their daily lives is not a part of them. They’ve had to learn to adapt to a world where everything is becoming digitalized. Sometimes, they are skeptical about trying out new technological solutions and are more comfortable using old-school solutions.

Let’s assume someone categorized as a digital immigrant wants to get something to eat. Rather than order the food or check for its availability online, they would rather go to
the restaurant to confirm its availability. Depending on how hungry the person is, they might even consider calling or texting a neighbour if there is something for them to eat.

In conclusion, it can be said that Digital Immigrants believe so much more in community-based solutions than technology-first ones.

Digital Natives

This set is regarded as digital natives as people born after the internet was developed in the early ’80s, which are the Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha.

To digital natives, no other world exists than a digital-first one. They are more familiar with tech terms because they were born into or raised in the digital era. This means that they have access to the internet and devices like computers and smartphones.

Adapting to the evolution of technology is a part of Digital Natives. In fact, to a larger percentage of them, it is a way of life.

Rather than ask a neighbour for maybe salt or pepper or even go to a shop, they prefer to order online and have it delivered to their doorstep.

The Generations and Their Knowledge of Technology

Silent Traditionalist

They were born between 1925–1945. Silent Traditionalists are considered the oldest living digital generation. The jukebox was perhaps the most-used piece of technology when they entered the world.

These days, This set turns to technology mostly to stay in touch with families.

Baby Boomers

They were born between 1945–1965. They were the first generation to adopt home computers.
However, they are currently a bit more skeptical about adopting newer technologies.

This generation prioritizes security, stability, and simplicity.

Generation X (Gen X)

They were born between 1965–1980. This generation primarily utilizes email and telephone to communicate. Gen Xers are spending more time online and utilizing their smartphones to access apps, social media, and the internet.

This generation values flexibility and technology.

Millennials (Gen Y)

They were born between 1980 and 1995. primarily utilize text messaging and social media. They were the first generation to grow up with social media and smartphones and continue to be the generation with the broadest technology usage.

This generation values personalization, authenticity, and social responsibility.

Generation Z (Gen Z or iGen or Centennial)

They were born between 1995–2010. They primarily use handheld communication devices and accessories to communicate. They’re on messaging apps most of the time they are using their smartphones.

This generation prioritizes convenience, accessibility, and technology.

Generation Alpha (Gen Alpha or Glass Generation)

They were born in 2010 to the present day. Tablet and video games interest this generation the most. This is the only digital generation born entirely in the 21st century. They can view their entire world through glass-fronted devices at a young age.

As the newest generation, they need monitoring and guidance to use these devices.

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