ChatGPT: The Pros and the Cons

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Introduction to ChatGPT

    ChatGPT was introduced in November 2022 by OpenAI, and since its inception, it has attracted interest. It uses a language model called GPT-3.5, which uses machine learning to develop and generate text based on the user’s input.

    Just a few weeks after its launch, the CEO, Sam Altman, has put the number of users at over a million. Although still in the research and review phase, it’s currently available for use.

   The chatbot, now popular for its ability to answer questions, review codes, solve mathematical problems, and help write essays, is seen as detrimental to creatives. Not only is it created to be conversational, but it also answers questions in a comprehensive and conversational way.

   After being given a prompt, ChatGPT can comprehend human language and generate thoughtful conversational essays.

   Concerns have also been raised regarding ChatGPT and the possibility of it reducing job opportunities in the future.

    Google, the world’s largest search engine, is also at risk. While Google has to crawl millions of indexed web pages and rank them in order of relevance before it can give an answer to a question, ChatGPT does it without doing that.

    ChatGPT gives a single answer based on its own search without the hassle of checking different webpages, and a slight tap on the “try again” icon brings up new answers.


chat gpt
Chat GPT
  1. It is free. Chat-GPT is free at the moment, and you don’t have to pay for a subscription. There’s a possibility that it will be a paid application in the future, as it is still in the incubation phase.
  2. It can respond to a variety of questions with smart and properly cited text.
  3. Personalization: single answers tailored according to the user’s input. The answers are given based on the questions asked. Answers are gleaned from sources and presented in a synthetic manner.
  4. Answer questions in a detailed and conversational way. The chatbot was created in such a way that it answers questions with a human approach. Also, a wide range of questions can be asked since it has a conventional outlook.
  5. It answers questions in real-time. Since answers are not coming from a couple of webpages, the time needed to find answers is reduced. It gives simple and quick responses.
  6. Solved problems and helped write essays. Students in need of answers to assignments and essays will find the chatbot handy. It can generate college-level essays and write codes.
  7. Availability. The chatbot is available for use anytime.
  8. It’s easy to use and efficient.
  9. Sensitive to changes in phrasing A slight difference in the phrasing of the user’s input can change the answers to the question. Users can phrase a question in one way and get no answer, but phrase the question in another way and get answers.
  10. When questions that are vague are asked, it suggests possible answers to a question by making assumptions about the user’s intent.
  11. It speeds up and reduces workload and stress on the human brain.
  12. In an attempt to prevent the chatbot from being used to find out things that can be harmful and injurious, a moderation API was installed in the program. Questions are strictly limited to things that are not harmful or injurious to other humans. For example, a quick search on making homemade bombs will not bring you the answers needed.
  13. It gives detailed explanations compared to other chatbots. Chat-GPT makes an effort to answer questions with well-explained answers and prose.


chat gpt
Chat Gpt Cons
  1. Answers may not be natural or reality-based. Most answers on search engines are gleaned from articles and news and are backed up by authoritative sources. The same cannot be said about ChatGPT.
  2. A threat to creatives. Creatives are at a disadvantage where ChatGPT is concerned; while creatives provide original works, anyone can go on ChatGPT and look up answers to questions. They can also write articles, solve math problems, and review code without much work.
  3. Job loss and reduction. Over-reliance on chatbots like ChatGPT can cause a plummet in the number of employees in the future as their jobs will be of little or no significance.
  4. ChatGPT and other chatbots sometimes give answers that sound plausible but are in fact incorrect and make no sense. They do not comprehend as well as humans do.
  5. Verbosity and overuse of words In a bid to generate detailed texts, ChatGPT often overuses certain words and can be unnecessarily wordy in some cases.
  6. The answers are available to more than one user. If one user searches for a topic and another does the same, there’s the possibility that they’ll end up using the same essays. Personalization only works when it is not given the same questions.
  7. It cannot comprehend the meaning of the words it is producing. Given that the context and intent of a communication may not be comprehended, this could result in it producing replies that are unrelated to the input.
  8. It lacks the ability to learn, just like every other language model. As a result, even when the context is altered, the user may still receive the same response.
  9. Its ability to make assumptions when vague questions are asked can lead to it giving answers that are not in any way tailored to the user’s input.
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