Are Tecno Phones being Relegated to the Background?

by Atinuke Naomi
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It is no news that iPhone is one the trending phones around the world. There used to be a time when Tecno phones, the likes of P5, M5, H5 were the trending phones in town. Why then is nobody talking about Tecno now?

Tecno Phones: Tecno M3

This is because most people got used to their budget- friendly models and didn’t think there are other models that cab cater to their other smartphone phone needs. Read on to know Tecno’s product range.

Phantom Series

The target audience includes tech enthusiasts, power users, and individuals seeking flagship-level features and premium design.

The series appeals to users who prioritize high-performance specifications, advanced camera capabilities, and premium aesthetics in their smartphones.


Powerful Performance: The Phantom series is equipped with powerful processors, which offerfast and smooth performance, allowing for seamless multitasking, gaming, and multimedia experiences. Processors often from leading manufacturers like Qualcomm or MediaTek.

The devices are usually paired with ample RAM and internal storage to ensure efficient performance and storage capacity.

Stunning Display: The screens often utilize AMOLED or IPS LCD technology, providing sharp visuals, immersive viewing experiences, and accurate color reproduction.

Impressive Camera Capabilities: These smartphones often include multiple rear cameras, featuring high megapixel counts, larger sensor sizes, and wide aperture lenses.

Premium Design and Build Quality: The phones are often constructed using high-quality materials like glass or metal, providing a premium feel and durability.

Camon Series

The target audience includes photography enthusiasts, selfie lovers, and users who prioritize camera performance.

The series caters to users who value excellent photography capabilities, including advanced camera systems, low-light photography features, and AI enhancements for capturing stunning photos and selfies.


Advanced Camera Systems: The Camon series smartphones feature advanced camera setups, including high-resolution lenses and sensors.

These devices often include multiple rear cameras, with high megapixel counts and larger sensor sizes for capturing detailed and vibrant photos.

Some models may offer specialized camera lenses like wide-angle or telephoto lenses for versatile photography options.

Low-Light Photography: The Camon series places a strong emphasis on capturing great photos even in low-light conditions.

Selfie-focused Features: These devices offer high-resolution front cameras with features like AI beauty mode, portrait mode, and adjustable selfie flash for capturing stunning self-portraits.

Great display: Camon series smartphones usually feature large and immersive displays, ideal for multimedia consumption and photo viewing.

Design and Aesthetics: The Camon series devices often feature sleek and stylish designs with slim profiles.

Attention is given to aesthetics, incorporating premium materials, and slim bezels to provide an attractive and comfortable user experience.

Pouvoir Series

The target audience are users seeking long battery life and extensive usage on a single charge.

The series is designed for individuals who prioritize long-lasting battery performance, making it suitable for heavy smartphone usage, multimedia consumption, and gaming without frequent recharging.


Long-Lasting Battery: The Pouvoir series smartphones are known for their large-capacity batteries that provide extended usage on a single charge.

These devices often feature battery capacities ranging from 5,000mAh to 7,000mAh or even higher, depending on the model.

Battery Optimization: Techniques which may include AI power-saving modes, intelligent power management, and adaptive battery features are incorporated to optimize power usage based on user behavior and usage patterns.

Reverse Charging: Some models in the Pouvoir series come with reverse charging capabilities, allowing the device to function as a power bank.

It enables users to charge other devices or accessories using their Pouvoir smartphone.

Spark Series

Budget-conscious consumers, first-time smartphone users, and young users are the target audience

The series offers affordable smartphones with essential features, targeting users who are looking for entry-level devices at a budget-friendly price point.


Display and Design: The screens offer good color reproduction and viewing angles for multimedia consumption, gaming, and web browsing. The devices often sport modern and stylish designs, including slim profiles and attractive finishes.

Cameras: The Spark series smartphones offer functional camera systems suitable for everyday photography needs.Some models may incorporate AI-enhanced features, portrait mode, beauty mode, and other camera optimizations for better image results.

Performance: These smartphones are equipped with capable processors and adequate RAM to ensure smooth operation.

Pop Series

The target audience are entry-level smartphone users, first-time smartphone buyers, and individuals on a tight budget.

The series provides basic smartphone functionality at an affordable price, targeting users who are new to smartphones or have limited budget constraints.


Compact Design: The Pop series smartphones typically come with compact designs, making them easy to handle and suitable for one-handed use.

Camera Capabilities: These smartphones include rear and front cameras that offer basic photography capabilities.

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