Andela: Bridging the Global Tech Talent Gap

by Precious Cyprain
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Andela tech company

Andela, a tech startup founded in Nigeria in 2014, is making waves in the global tech industry. The company was founded by Jeremy Johnson, Ian Carnevale, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Christina Sass, Nadayar Enegesi and Brice Nkengsa. Andela is on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. 

Initially, Andela focused on connecting African developers with North American companies. The company launched its first recruitment cycle in Lagos in May 2014, hiring its first cohort of four Nigerian software engineers.  Over the years, it has expanded its operations to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Egypt, evolving into a global talent network that connects companies with engineering talent in emerging markets. 

Andela’s impact is evident in its impressive clientele, which includes industry leaders like GitHub, Cloudflare, and Viacom CBS. These companies rely on Andela to scale their engineering teams quickly and cost-effectively. The company boasts a 92% client satisfaction rate, a testament to the quality of its talent. 

Andela’s Talent Decision Engine™ is a game-changer in the tech recruitment industry. This innovative tool automates and manages the entire global talent lifecycle — from sourcing and qualifying to hiring, managing, and paying. This efficiency allows hiring managers to find the right talent for the right role quickly and cost-effectively. 

Andela’s AI-matching algorithms learn from thousands of touch points in the hiring journey to pinpoint the best technologists for the roles and skills required. This intelligent, borderless approach allows companies to hire the most qualified candidates, irrespective of location. Parameters used to evaluate the effectiveness of developers in a company’s space include quantity and quality of completed products, effective communication skills, professionalism, initiative in handling projects, etc. 

Andela’s private marketplace spans over 175 countries, including regions like Africa & Latin America with high-overlap time zones. This diverse, global reach allows companies to onboard talent 70% faster.  In 2021, the company raised $200 million from investors, becoming Nigeria’s newest startup to attain unicorn status. The firm, which is based in New York, is now worth $1.5 billion. 

Andela looks forward to a world where talented people can develop a career according to their abilities irrespective of their background. This vision is a testament to Andela’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. 

Services provided by Andela 

  • Global Talent Network: Andela connects companies with top-tier software engineers from emerging markets around the world. 
  • AI-Powered Talent Matching: They use advanced AI algorithms to match companies with the best talent for their specific needs. 
  • End-to-End Talent Management: From sourcing and qualifying talent to hiring, managing, and paying, Andela handles the entire talent lifecycle. 
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Whether companies need individual contributors, full teams, or fully managed services, Andela offers flexible engagement models to meet their needs. 
  • Access to Diverse Talent Pool: Andela’s network spans over 175 countries, enabling companies to hire the best talent irrespective of their location. 
  • Fast Onboarding: With Andela’s efficient processes, companies can onboard talent 70% faster. 
  • Career Opportunities for Engineers: It provides software engineers with access to international roles, competitive remuneration, and career coaching. 
  • Performance Prediction: Its performance-based assessment capabilities help predict on-the-job performance for an exceptional success rate. 
  • Premium Delivery Model: Andela ensures a seamless experience and engagement success with dedicated Technical Delivery Managers and Talent Success Partners. 
  • Transparent Talent Platform: It provides transparency to talent profiles and assessments before hiring. 

Andela’s impact on countries, individuals and businesses 

Beyond Africa, Andela’s global expansion has reached technologists in over 37 countries. This has significantly contributed to bridging the tech talent gap in these countries, providing local technologists with opportunities to work with globally renowned tech companies. 

Andela has revolutionized the way businesses source tech talent. Through its global talent network, it provides businesses with access to a diverse pool of highly skilled software engineers. This has enabled businesses to scale their engineering teams efficiently and cost-effectively. 

The company has profoundly impacted individuals, particularly software engineers in emerging markets. The company pays students to learn and provides a wage that puts them in the top five per cent of earners in their countries. This has significantly improved the quality of life for these individuals. 

In conclusion, Andela is changing the way the world works by building a global platform where goal-driven individuals and companies having the same zeal for success can connect, grow together, and develop mind-blowing things for the world. 

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